Our Company

Bath & Bower is a luxury candle and wax melt studio located in Whitby, Ontario. Our fine home fragrance products are not mass produced, but are handcrafted and handpoured in small batches utilizing an artisanal process that ensures quality and consistency for our customers' enjoyment.

We use a 100% natural, ethically and sustainably sourced virgin coconut wax blended with a small amount of soy wax. Our wax contains no other commonly used additives or stabilizers and we choose not to include petro-chemical based paraffin wax which many other candle brands contain. Our products are vegan-friendly (no animal fats or beeswax) and always cruelty-free. Our candles and wax melts are non-toxic and contain no bleaches or dyes. We use lead-free 100% cotton wicks in our candles and tealights to ensure a long, clean burn. Beautifully scented and never overpowering, we only utilize phthalate-free and paraben-free premium grade, fragrance oils that are specifically for use in candles as well as in cosmetics.

Our beautiful and stylish candles have an elegant, clean, contemporary aesthetic that complements any décor.


Our Founder's Story

Hi! I'm Karen Hudson, creator and owner of Bath & Bower. Living a healthy lifestyle and choosing non-toxic products for my body and for use in my home, has been a priority for me for quite some time. It became even more important when my husband and I had our two boys. Over time, I’ve cleared our home of anything and everything that I deemed harmful to our family and that included a lot of questionable candles after becoming aware of the amount of toxins that poor quality candles can contain. I’ve always had a passion for candles and there’s typically at least one burning in whatever room I’m in. The challenge was in finding the perfect candle that would enhance our lifestyle and our home, not compromise it.  I was unsuccessful in my quest to find a clean-burning candle brand that didn’t contain toxic ingredients and equally important, had the aesthetic that I was searching for. After much reflection, I decided if I wanted a candle made to my exacting specifications, I’d need to create it myself and so my journey began! 

Here I am today, after much research and testing, (I had no idea how much science and math is involved in candlemaking!) with a line of products I can proudly stand behind, and a business that brings me much joy and gratitude every single day. It’s so very true what they say – when you build a business you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work! I’m so excited to jump out of bed every morning with the goal of bringing new and exciting products to life for me and my family and to share them with you and yours! I love the thought of my creations being a part of your beautiful home. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them for you!